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Web-based SAAS applications


Software as a Service or SaaS is a cloud storage service which can easily be accessed by consumers through internet; where as in past companies used traditional infrastructures that they used to install on their servers and computers. SaaS has completely changed the traditional methods, now the consumers just need to have a mobile device and an internet to access their data.

SaaS application is quite cheap as compared to traditional softwares because it has no infrastructure cost. There is no license fee and subscription fees are also quite minimal so far

SaaS is considered as a user friendly cloud service and that’s why there are many cloud services are available in the market but which one to select is quite a difficult task. Here are some of the features of good web-based SAAS applications.efretyhtrter


ThinkFree is considered as an alternative to Microsoft Office and it allows you to store your data. It has got some really good features which can help you in creating good presentations.

One Drive

It is one of the most popular Web based SaaS application. You can easily synchronize your files and it will set up all your files and folders that you need to back up.

Google Drive

Google Drive is also a good option and it is best to use on mobile devices. It can easily back up all your images from your mobile phones. You can upload all your files on it. It gives you almost unlimited data storage (5TB).


Prey is also another web-based SaaS application and you can easily access your data by using your mobile phones, laptops or iPad. All you need is to install its software from their website. It can save your data on cloud by sending screenshots.


r4t56ytrewMozy is one of the most famous web based SaaS application. It offers a good storage of 2 GB and you can easily download from their website. The best thing about Mozy is that it provides you storage as per your storage demand.

The main reason behind SaaS popularity is that it is not costly and also easily accessible. It allows companies to compete in the market according to changing demands. The above were just some examples of famous Web -based SaaS applications. SaaS is just providing you a way to compete in the market but which solution is best for you will require some research.


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